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Donut Bar – San Diego

The donuts that started it all: Donut Bar


While in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World in March 2017, I made my coworkers join me on a seven-block trek from our hotel to Donut Bar at 7 a.m. for their birthday celebration. They were giving out free birthday cake donuts aka vanilla cake with sprinkles aka my fav donut ever. (I love sprinkles. I get extra in a bowl when I get ice cream.)


I hadn't been to too many donut shops before my trip to Donut Bar, but when I saw the beer taps next to the donut display, I knew I was somewhere special. How many donut shops turn into a bar on the weekend? I'll tell ya! Not many! The place isn't ultra extravagant, but it's cool.


Now, the girl who took my order had me pegged. She knew I came here on a mission, so when I started with the birthday cake and red velvet donuts, she suggested a blueberry cheesecake donut, and then a cronut filled with Bavarian cream... I obliged, of course, but the real kicker was when she told me about the French toast donut.


You heard me. FRENCH. TOAST. DONUT.


Naturally, it didn't take much convincing, and soon I had a fresh, piping hot French toast donut in a box waiting to be devoured. They make those bad boys to order and oh my goodness... it will change your life.


There's seating upstairs, so my coworkers and I got a table for our feast. One ate a Nutella donut (I'm not a fan of Nutella, so no thanks) and the other ate a Boston cream (her favorite). I, of course, had my French toast donut for breakfast and I was more than satisfied. It's literally just French toast made out of a huge donut, but while it may seem so simple, it's one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten in my life. It's warm and gooey and maple-y and sweet, but not too sweet.


And I haven't even gotten to the other donuts yet...

  • Blueberry Cheesecake: SO MUCH YES. It's small, but it is packed with flavor. The fresh blueberry compote in the middle and the cream cheese frosting and graham cracker crumbs on top were heavenly.

  • Red Velvet: Not my favorite... It tasted like it had a hint of cherry and I hate anything cherry flavored. Medicine from my childhood was cherry, so it ruined me. The cream cheese frosting was good though!

  • Cronut: I wish I had tried this the day I got it. I tried it the next day after I got home, so the sugar soaked into the dough and the cream got all over the plastic bag. It had good flavor, but got a little stale. My bad.

  • Birthday Cake: When I say this is the best cake donut with vanilla frosting and sprinkles I've ever had, I am not joking. I ate this the next day and it was still absolutely incredible. That's how you know it's real. The vanilla frosting, amazing. The sprinkles, SO MANY. It was fantastic.

This is where the idea for a blog came about. After I left with more donuts than I came for, my boss suggested I write about my donut experience in San Diego and the other donuts I eat around the country. I love writing and I love eating, so it was a no brainer.


I've always loved donuts, but Donut Bar CHANGED THE GAME.





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