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Glam Doll Donuts – Minneapolis

My super cool, super talented coworker, Hannah, went to Minneapolis to visit friends, and she brought me back some donuts from Glam Doll Donuts. She's supportive of this adventure and constantly pushes me to eat more donuts. We went to Dunkin' Donuts during work one day to get their Valentine's selection, and when we didn't get the variety we were looking for, she went back the next morning and got the ones we couldn't get. Good friend, good influence.


Before Hannah went to Minneapolis, she told me to pick some to try. She recommended the Mrs. Cleaver since that's her favorite, so, naturally, I put that on the list, then picked six more.


The glamorous bunch:

  • Night Moves – OH MY GAWT. Talk about saving the best for first, this was truly the best donut of the lot. The cake donut was spicy and not too sweet, which balanced with the sweet toppings. The blackberry icing had Hennessy in it. Unexpected, but delicious. I normally don't like jellies or jams, but the blackberry jam was sweet and flavorful, and went well with the brown sugar. GET THIS.

  • Vegan Misfit – Since it was a couple of days old, the cake texture wasn't the best, but the flavor of the glaze was on point. Orange and ginger and cinnamon... Oh my! Super flavorful and delicious. I'd like to try this one when it's fresh since I've never actually had a vegan donut before. (This is the only one not pictured.)

  • A Sunday Kind of Love – This old fashioned had a hint of lemon that was super light and refreshing. It had great flavor, but since it wasn't fresh, it was hard to judge the cake's overall texture. I'm a huge fan of the lemon, though.

  • Mrs. Cleaver – Holy cookie dough! This was a rich donut. I can see why people like it! There's cookie dough filling sandwiched between two cookie-esque donuts, and while the chocolate was delicious, overall it was too sweet for my palate.

  • Dark Angel – I really screwed the pooch on this one... It was filled with vanilla bean cream (yum), but since it was two days old, the cream had gone bad... Not my brightest moment.

  • Calendar Girl – Chocolate and caramel is one of my favorite flavor combinations, and Glam Doll makes incredible caramel. It was the perfect blend of salty and sweet, and balanced well with their chocolate icing.

  • Vanilla Darling – I saved the second best for last this time. Even though it was a couple days old, the cake held up and was not dry at all. I'm pretty sure it's the same cake from Night Moves, which, as you know, I think is next to perfect. The vanilla frosting was the perfect level of sweet and paired well with that spicy cake. I. Love. This. Donut. The only way it could be better: more sprinkles.


My favorites:

  1. Night Moves

  2. Vanilla Darling


I want to visit Glam Doll, so I can try these bad boys when they're fresh and see the shop for myself. I can give a more accurate review if I try their selection the day of, but even though these were a few days old, there were no bad flavors.


BTW, Hannah is an incredible graphic designer and artist. Check out her website and contact her if you want her to create your next piece of art. She did a painting of my brother's dog for my sister-in-law's birthday... Seriously amazing. (She didn't pay me for this shameless plug, but I should be her agent, yes.)





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