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Firecakes Donuts – Chicago

Fun fact about me: I LOVE comedy. I've seen almost every episode of SNL, Robin Williams is my favorite actor and I took improv classes when I was 10.


If this whole marketing thing doesn't pan out, my plan is to start stand-up comedy. Excellent career choice, no? 


My dad started my love of comedy, so I got him tickets to see Carol Burnett in Chicago for his 60th birthday. Carol Burnett is one of my comedic idols/heroes, and I was lucky enough to see her with my biggest influence–both in life and in comedy.


I also got to eat at my favorite pizza place in Wicker Park, Piece (I'm a thin crust girl. Sorry, Chicago.), before getting donuts. My dad is FOR SURE my biggest supporter.


I still hadn't been to Firecakes Donuts and there's a small shop on Hubbard, only a few minutes from the theater, so that was our target.


This River North spot is small enough to comfortably fit maybe five people. No tables, nothin'. I think they want you to take photos of your donuts around the city. Maybe? Probably not.


If/when I go again, I'll order ahead and pick up because they run out of flavors by the end of the day. I need one of everything. And they have build-your-own ice cream sandwiches. YEAH, BABY.


Although they didn't have any sprinkle donuts left by the time I got there (ugh), Firecakes still had some delicious options:

  • Crème Brûlée: My only complaint is that I didn't get two. The custard filling is bursting with vanilla flavor, but, like, REAL vanilla. Not that fake crap some donut shops try to pawn off as "good." The sugary deliciousness comes from the torched sugar on the top of the donut. I cannot get enough!

  • Matcha: So, I found out I don't like matcha-flavored things... Nothing against Firecakes, it's just not my cup of tea (pun intended). They sprinkle it with lime zest, which gives it a margarita-like flavor with that signature stinging aftertaste (but no hangover). I will say, the texture of their raised donut is fantastic. It's a little heavier than the average raised donut. My fav.

  • Triple Rich Chocolate Cake: The best part about this donut is the frosting. As much as I prefer vanilla, I'm a sucker for good chocolate frosting. Sometimes I eat Betty Crocker chocolate frosting out of the can. Firecake's frosting isn't too sweet and the amount of chocolate is near perfect. The cocoa nibs sprinkled on top offer good flavor, but the texture reminds me too much of nuts, which makes me gag, so I'd rather have sprinkles. The cake is almost rubbery, but I'm attributing that to me eating these the next day.

  • Pistachio Old Fashioned: If you haven't figured it out already, I'm a freak about textures. They top this donut with crushed pistachios and I can't get past the grittiness. The icing has good flavor, though, and the old fashioned itself has crunchy edges with a moist, flavorful inside. Overall, not a bad donut, but I probably wouldn't eat it again.

  • Vanilla Raised: I am completely and wholeheartedly in love with their vanilla icing. It has REAL vanilla flavor, it's light and it's just sweet enough where I can eat it by the spoonful and not feel like my teeth are going to rot out of my head. 10/10 would eat it on everything. It rivals my mom's vanilla frosting.

  • Vanilla Old Fashioned: They KILL IT with their vanilla. The glaze on this bad boy is delightful. And they loaded it on. L-O-V-E

  • Birthday Cake: "And it's not even my birthday" -Rihanna; I have no regrets buying a donut cake for myself. It was the best thing I got from Firecakes. They stack two raised donuts on top of each other, douse them in vanilla icing, pile on the sprinkles, then decorate the top with chocolate frosting and white chocolate pearls. I am obsessed and will be getting one every time I visit. No shame.

Overall thoughts: I would go back to Firecakes. I think there are better donut shops, but they have a few winners *cough* birthday cake *cough*


My favorites:

  1. Birthday Cake (duh)

  2. Crème Brûlée

  3. Vanilla Raised

  4. Vanilla Old Fashioned

If you haven't noticed a theme, I'll point it out for you. It's "Vanilla."




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